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    TL-MR3020 : Not connecting to Internet using AP Mode

    Region : India

    Model : TL-MR3220

    Hardware Version : V1

    Firmware Version :

    ISP :


    I got a TP-LINK TL-MR3020 and m struggling to make it work. I am using a wired connection for accessing internet. My OS is Windows 8.
    I followed the user guide[Appendix B: configuring the PCs] to configure the IP address manually. I am able to connect to the Router web management console. I am using AP mode in the Router.

    Now I modifed the IP of the router to the static IP provided by the ISP and rebooted. But I am unable to connect to internet.

    Any pointers will be helpful


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    How do you use the router in AP mode? So you avoid the WAN interface and connect it by LAN port to use it as a wireless switch?
    Where did you enter the static IP details provided by your ISP?
    I guess you might have chosen "static IP" as the WAN connection type, right?

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    Is yours TL-MR3020 or TL-MR3220?
    If it is TL-MR3020, there is AP mode on it.

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    Unhappy AP mode, Cannot connect.

    Hi all,

    Can someone please help me... I have a TP-Link tm-rm3020. Have connect a lan cable from my router to the tp-link, set it to PA mode to use it as a wi-fi point of access, but cannot connect... Did not configure TP_link yet in other modes...


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