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    TD-W8951ND generating high data usage with no devices connected

    Region : UnitedKingdom

    Model : TD-W8951ND

    Hardware Version : V5

    Firmware Version : 22.05.2012

    ISP :

    I have a TD-W8951ND v5 on the latest firmware.

    I recently broke my broadband data cap which surprised me as I had not been using the internet much.

    I only have tablet which I switched off having first checked the router to make sure there were no other wireless connections and adding MAC address filtering to be sure no one else was stealing my bandwidth. With just my router connected to the ISP, my ISP has recorded 170MB of downloaded data in 3.5 hours. Switching off the router stops the traffic being recorded (as you would expect), but when switched back on the large data transfers start up again.

    I have plugged in an older router (not wireless) and no traffic is generated, so it seems to be the TP-Link router rather than my ISP or ADSL circuit that is at fault.

    Anyone have any thoughts as to what is going on and how to stop it doing this. Power cycling has not change anything.

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    My ISP has advised that the traffic is the result of a vulnerability in the TD-W8951ND that allows it to operate as a DNS open resolver and it is therefore susceptible to being used in a DNS reflection / amplification DDOS attack. The high traffic volume was the result of my router IP being identified as an open resolver and being target by hacked computers to generate large volumes of DNS traffic from my router to the DDOS targets.

    Apparently it needs TP-Link to release new firmware to fix it.

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    i found the same problem with my TD-W8961ND


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