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    DD-WRT for WDR4900...

    Region : France

    Model : TL-WDR4900

    Hardware Version : V1

    Firmware Version :

    ISP :


    BrainSlayer did it : here it is (for members only) !

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    Please attach here the binary file, and provide a link to a thread where we can read the details.


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    Sorry the uploader doesn't work...
    ● Netgear R7000 (Root Router)
    ● TP-Link Archer C7 v2 (WDS Bridge)

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    Quote Originally Posted by HiSpeed View Post
    Sorry the uploader doesn't work...
    OK. Anyway..... thanks for the information. I found the topic and downloaded the file from forum DD-WRT.
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    Yes, your topic link is the same I gave in my first post...
    ● Netgear R7000 (Root Router)
    ● TP-Link Archer C7 v2 (WDS Bridge)

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    DD-WRT firmware is working in WDR4900?

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    Quote Originally Posted by jimasek View Post
    DD-WRT firmware is working in WDR4900?

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    I've received another router from the shop, as the first one did not perform at all. I'll see if there is a difference, if not, it's gonna be DD-WRT. Do you have some more info, does -everything- work?
    Uptime since upgrade etc? Any snag's, hickups glitches whatsoever?
    There's nothing in the download section of dd-wrt yet, so we can assume it''s still under construction.

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    I posted these questions in the forum DD-WRT, but as yet no one has answered, so I'll ask the same questions here:

    For several months, I have wdr4900. So far, I've only used the stock firmware, but I think that the router is too low productivity with this image. Behind the router has a server with about 60 peers, when I reboot my server, peers connect very slowly, it takes about 10 minutes. In comparison with my old router linksys + dd-wrt, all peers are connected within 30 seconds. I think this router with the original firmware can not handle a large number of concurrent sessions. I want to ask someone who has experience to say what is the maximum speed that can be achieved through the wan / lan with dd-wrt? How deal with a large number of concurrent sessions (approximately 1000)? Can we rely on good reliability, it crashes (as I said, I have a server and this is important)?


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    Quote Originally Posted by hdbox View Post
    I have downloaded that DD-WRT firmware (factory-to-ddwrt.bin and tl-wdr4900-webflash.bin), but I am still scared to test it out and flash my TL-WDR4900 stock firmware cause I read so many failures and bricked router after flashed to DD-WRT in their forum.

    So is there anyone here who has flashed to DD-WRT and working perfect? And no more Wifi losing connection? And whether in DD-WRT firmware there is any Hardware NAT option too?

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    Build 21676 for WDR4900

    NB : If I don't make mistake, the initial build was 21598...
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    ● Netgear R7000 (Root Router)
    ● TP-Link Archer C7 v2 (WDS Bridge)

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    FYI : New build 21676 installed successfully and working fine on my Linksys E3000...
    ● Netgear R7000 (Root Router)
    ● TP-Link Archer C7 v2 (WDS Bridge)

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    Any one here have tested the new DD-WRT firmware build in WDR4900?

    I am a noob and never tried to use a DD-WRT firmware yet, so please let me know if anyone have tested it out on WDR4900 and found it's working perfect, and solved the losing wifi problem?
    In DD-WRT firmware, there is any option for USB setting too (like in stock firmware), like storage sharing, FTP server, Media Server, Print Server, etc. And there is any option to make a secondary connection, so i can access my modem website GUI like in stock firmware?

    Please I need to know the answer of my question, before i tried to flash my WDR4900 to DD-WRT firmware, because i can't find any guide to reverting to stock firmware for WDR4900 with website GUI, and I don't understand any Linux thing or telnet or ssh thing as they mention in DD-WRT forum. So to me there is no way back after i flashed to DD-WRT firmware.

    Thanks in advance for sharing your experience.
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    DD-WRT is very powerful.
    Generally, after using it, the stock firmware appears very light...

    I have not installed it yet because I'm waiting the special ".bin" required to roll back to stock (just in case).

    With all the routers supporting DD-WRT, the first installation requires a special bin ("factory-to-ddwrt" with Atheros, etc. or "mini" with Broadcom) before to load the main version...
    ● Netgear R7000 (Root Router)
    ● TP-Link Archer C7 v2 (WDS Bridge)


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