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    Quote Originally Posted by bsa1969 View Post
    I think you would have to open a ticket with TP-Link Support. Tell them the issue and ask for beta firmware 151117. They emailed it to me.
    The 151117 firmware doesn't work for me. I'm using a Huawei E3276 USB modem...

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    My last dialog with TP-Link was end of March. My Internet connection was really bad, and I wanted to leave it that way till they fixed the fail-over problem. At that time the 151117 release appeared (to me) to have a memory leak of some sort. After about 3 weeks of use and failing over a dozen times a day, it would stop failing over. I was approaching a point where I would be gone for an extended period, so I fixed the WAN issue. About the same time TP-Link support pretty much said I would have to wait till the next production release and see if it was fixed then. I have not had time to go back to it.

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    Sorry to bring up old threadI just setup this MR3420 yesterday with Telstra 4G single and it all works great; but Iím having this same issue as everyone describes Iíve set it to WAN preffered It switched to 4G fine, but once WAN is restored it doesnít switch back. Iím on the latest firmware already and not sure whatís wrong. Anyone with reports of it working correctly?


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