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    Lightbulb Problems with TL-WA850RE

    Region : Denmark

    Model : TL-WA850RE

    Hardware Version : V1

    Firmware Version :

    ISP : TDC

    Im having problems with my newly bought TL-WA850RE.

    The setup worked fine (i followed method 2 entering keyphrase and password for my
    network), and i have now placed the repeater in another room having 3 blue signallights.
    So far so good.


    My wireless devices dont automatically choose the strongest
    signal - which in the other room would be the repeater. I have to connect manually
    via a HI-FI analyzer. In a scan my AP shows up 2 times (mainrouter and repeater).
    I think both are having the same IP-adress (, but diffent MAC-adress.
    (im not a pc-geek)

    Additionally, after installing the repeater my stationary wired PC attached to the mainrouter
    is kicked-off now every ca. half an hour. I get a message saying that the
    servers DNS-adress couldnt be found.

    How do i fix these problems, please ? Any help would be highly apriciated.

    Best Regards

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    Thanks for your reply,

    "Natural behavior of a repeater". Ehm...but then the smartness of having the repeater goes away, if i everytime
    i may want to log on have to manually select AP (mainrouter og the repeater). That should be choosen by
    the device (mobile, laptop whatever) automaticly. On several on my wireless devices i on top on that, have
    no clue how to choose which AP, which again should be unnessasary I think.

    I seems,,,that the DNS-problem only occur, when the repeater is on. Im thinking again, if it has something to
    do with IP`s and submask´s ? Maybe there is a conflict ?

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    Thanks for your reply,

    How do I make sure the repeater is in the same sub-net, please ?

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    Actually the repeater works fine - problems is, what other things that stop working when its on.
    I.e. problems with the DNS on my stationary PC. Maybe it has something to do with, that i also have
    a network-server connected to my main-router.

    I think i will just return the repeater to the dealer, because its to long-haired getting it working,
    without messing up other parts of my system.

    Anyways, thanks so much for your kind help :-)


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