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    Lightbulb TD-W8980 & O2 Static IP broadband

    Region : UnitedKingdom

    Model : TD-W8980

    Hardware Version : V1

    Firmware Version : Rel.38108n

    ISP : O2


    I've just bought a TD-W8980 to replace a O2 wirelessbox VI which keeps resetting.

    I can't however get this new TD-W8980 to connect properly.
    I have taken the router from the box and followed the setup guide, entering my static IP details as described by O2 ( Static IP, Default gateway, VPI/VCI settings etc )

    The router looks like it's connected, ADSL light is on constant & the light next to it is lit/flashing randomly ( indicating a connection I guess ). O2 have also confirmed that they are able to see that the router is connected and from their point of view should be functioning correctly.

    Have I missed something simple? I'm able to connect to the router on LAN & Wireless, but neither allow me to access the internet.
    I'm able to ping and get a reply from my O2 static internet IP address, but cannot ping the default gateway IP they're given me. It is correct as it's the same default gateway that's supplied on the o2 wireless box settings when I view them.

    If I simply plug the ADSL line back into the o2 wireless box I get a connection once the ADSL line syncs.

    Any help would be appreciated.

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    Have you configured the modem as the following pictures?
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Size:  47.7 KBName:  static IP.jpg
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    If you have tried that and still cannot connect to Internet, you can do MAC Clone on the modem for a try. Some ISP may have this MAC binding requirement on modem.
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