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    Question TL-WPA281: wifi connection to smartphone

    Region : Hongkong

    Model : TL-WPA281

    Hardware Version : V1

    Firmware Version :

    ISP :

    Setting: Originally I have two TL-PA251s and they work perfectly. Lately I buy a new TL-WPA281; and I join the TL-WPA281 to the existing TL-PA251s.

    The problem is: I can connect the TL-WPA281 via wifi with my two smartphones (one iPhone and one Samsung Galaxy S3) separately, but just one device at a time. That is, when I connect the iPhone with TL-WPA281 via wifi, the Samsung cannot; and when I connect the Samsung with TL-WPA281 via wifi, the iPhone fails. It seems that my TL-WPA281 can only accept ONE device connection at a time.

    What can I do? Any change in setting is necessary?

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    is there a router in the network to share the internet for the devices? what kind devices are there connected to the two PA251s?
    OR how many devices do you have including modem, router, and 3 powerline adapter? and how do you connect them?

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    router (living room) --[LAN line]-- wifi modem --[wifi]-- laptop / smart tv
    [LAN line]
    TL-PA251 (living room) --[power circuit]-- TL-PA251 (studyroom) --[LAN line]-- desktop PC
    [power ciruit]
    TL-WPA281 (bedroom) --[wifi]-- smartphones
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    the 2 TL-PA251s work perfectly with no problem, before and after adding the TL-WPA281...
    the problem is the TL-WPA281 can only accept one device to make connection via wifi...

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    The connection is a little bit confusing. What is the model of the router sitting in the living room? The WIFI modem can connect the laptop and the smart TV at the same time? Normally the modem did not have the function to share the Internet. Can the desktop and the Smart phones using at the same time?


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