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    thank you, I tried it and success. Thank you so much

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    I'm using TP-R470T+ (with 12 Mbps cable modem as wan1 and 6 Mbps ADSL+ as wan2) and I have no problem configuring certain IP to specific WAN (got the guide from http://www.tp-link.com/en/faq-530.html) . Problem is; I have VPN connection (I use hamachi; www.logmein.com) and I want my VPN to use wan2 because apparently the connection to my office (and other VPN clients) is faster because other VPN member also use the same ISP (the ADSL+ isp).

    Question: How to configure the router to separate VPN connection with other connection from the same IP ?

    Looking forward to hearing from you guys...


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    Policy Routing not working, images attached, please help

    I have 3 WANS active on my RL-R470T+

    I have set up that inbound ip's from to, all protocols and all destinations to use WAN1 but they keep using WAN2 and WAN3 simultaneously despite wan1 being active and working. Any help appreciated. manishslg@gmail.com
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    Image 1 here shows the routing being done for WAN1

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    Image 2 and 3 showing that despite that policy, Wan2 and WAn3 are being used by these Inbound ips
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