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    Hi who can help me, PPTP is working fine, but L2TP keeps getting me a Server does not respond message. I have the latest firmware installed.

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    Possible to create multiple VPN USER.

    currently, i only can have one user.

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    Quote Originally Posted by ccorax View Post
    I have the same problem here.
    Maybe the ISP is the reason I don't know.
    Yes, i think that's your problem

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    Hi, i've the same problem with TL-EL604W.
    I created an IPSEC tunnel LAN-to-LAN between TL-ER604W and TL-ER6020 and it working.
    I tried to do an IPSEC tunnel Client-to-LAN between TL-ER6020 and a Greenbow client and i didn't have a problems, but when i tried to to the same between TL-ER604W and a Greenbow client i had some problems.
    I tried to do a tunnel with DNS and also with IP but the problems is the same. The Phase1 is successful but when start the Phase 2 of negotation the client SEND the request but don't receive any response.
    Can someone help me?

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    Hi everyone, my problem with a VPN Client-to-Lan is half resolved. I've seen that with TL-ER604W V1 works correctly, but with TL-ER604W V2 i have a problem that i wrote up. can someone help me?

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    I have gotten IPsec VPN working client to lan. I initially did not have much luck with it but eventually deleted all ike and IPsec policies and just had the IPsec enabled check box checked alone. This allowed it to work, don't ask me why. Perhaps the policies I had set were disagreeable to the clients.

    Once you get VPN'd in, you will be on a separate subnet than the main LAN subnet. I think this sucks but I haven't been able to tell whether or not it is normal among routers or if this one's just a dud.


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