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    TL-WN722N Keep Losing connection

    Region : Others

    Model : TL-WN722N

    Hardware Version : V1

    Firmware Version : 1.8

    ISP :

    I just recently installed TL-WN722N utility. But it keeps disconnecting and asks the password again but if I restart my computer it wont ask password. Especialy it disconnects a lot when I am typing something on Microsoft word or somewhere else.

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    How about using the windows utility instead of TP-LINK client utility?

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    Keeps disconnecting Too


    I have recently installed a TP-Link WN882N. The signal is very strong and the router is close and there are no stronger signals interfering. The old adapted had a weak signal that used to come and go occasionally but it never acted like this at all.

    It connects very quickly on start up and then disconnects every few minutes but the signal is still fine and it re-connects immediately upon pressing the network icon on the toolbar . During gaming it constantly interrupts me but pressing 'switch to' the game on the task manager i'm straight back to the game. It has changed the network name to 'netwrokprofile' but not at instillation a few days ago? Its driving me berserk. Also while typing 4 times already since typing this so far the computer goes 'bing' and the keys don't work until the mouse is pressed to get a cursor back. Usually this happens a few times before it disconnects.

    Please help, is it a fire wall thing


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    Hi edgarina, try a different USB port.
    Update its driver to be latest or try chipmaker's driver.

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    Still disconnecting


    I have changed the port and downloaded a new driver and no difference at all. Due to the mail system I have to use if you press send and the internet isn't on you lose the mail and I spend a great deal of time doing long e-mails, the the children are learning new word. I could do without the hassle of returning it or the complete loss but i'm close to going back by cat chewed getnet adapter.

    Any last ideas please before I write off tp-link entirely.

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    I have a TL-WN722N and it is having exactly the same problems. While typing a word document the cursor will vanish from the page and I'll have to click back on the page to continue typing. What seems to happen is that the adaptor does something that makes it "active" as far as the cursor is concerned and it has to be "dragged away" from the adaptor. I've always bought TP link stuff in the past as I've found I have less problems with them than any other but this is very annoying. I don't mind buying IT stuff and having difficulties with it so long as the manufacturer comes up with a solution. If I don't get one I won't buy TP Link again. (Just like I never buy Nissan cars now!). I've written to customer support, in case the driver is out of date.
    "Should I be using one of the drivers on this page http://www.tp-link.com/en/support/do...N&version=V1if so which one? Or should I be using another page?"

    I got a reply back from customer support saying the driver is on that page and referred me to the page I'd included in my original message - completely ignoring that I'd asked them which driver on THAT page was the most recent driver. (Mine is TL-WN722N without V1 or anything else after it.

    While writing this reply I've had to drag the cursor back seven times. Totally irritating.

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    There appears to be a working fix for this problem on the forum. Having connected to a wireless network you must switch from the "Network" Tab in the utility to any other. This stops the Network Tab from being active and "stealing" the cursor. Stupid problem and should be fixed by TP-Link.


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