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    Question setting repeater mode

    Region : Canada

    Model : TL-WA5210G

    Hardware Version : V1

    Firmware Version : 4.4.7 build 120821 ref 56860n

    ISP : Bell

    I intend to set up my new TL-WA5210G as a repeater or universal repeater.
    Had no problem to access it with its default address ie and modify all settings.
    I can set it as a repeater, and I see it connect to my root AP. but when I look for it with a laptop through wifi, I see all my existing SSID, but not the new one.

    is the TP Link just using the same SSID as the root AP?
    Is it normal that I see no signal strength lights on the unit whereas when it is set up just as an AP, lights are up.
    How can I test if the TL is really up and running? (there is no traffic statistic in the corresponding web page.)

    Am I missing something??

    tks in adv for your suppport

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    u did not post what u want to do, posted as a repeater or universal repeaterr. 2 dif worlds
    lets asume u want universal repeater, and u all ready have password from wi-fi u want to repeat, factory default ur CPE, turn off ur wireless card on Lap
    about u posted How can I test if the TL is really up and running? once this step is done 7. Restore your PC back to get IP address by DHCP. and u have to receive internet, via Lan cable. in the case ur reapeating WEP security, if its WPA or WPA2 u can do either of these 2 options.
    set ur CPE Network to or any number u want at the end,
    Or dont use Universal repeater use CLIENT mode
    about u posted is the TP Link just using the same SSID as the root AP?
    if u choose universal repeater as the words say it will repeat the SSID ur reapeating not ur 5210 SSID
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    With the Repeater mode, the TL-WA5210G will not have its own SSID, you will only see the SSID of the root AP.
    In Repeater mode, the signal lights indicate the wireless signal strength of a remote AP, if you can not see any lights, I do not think it is normal. Maybe you have not set it up successfully. Check the settings as shown here:http://www.tp-link.com/en/article/?faqid=348
    As to how to test the TP-LINK, I agree with Danymarc. and there is another way: turn off the TP-LINK, and make a comparison of the wireless signal strength on the computer when it is on. if you can see the signal is weaker after you turn it off, that means you were connected to the TP-LINK before.


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