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    can't contact extender via IP address

    Region : UnitedKingdom

    Model : TL-WA830RE

    Hardware Version : V1

    Firmware Version :

    ISP :

    Range extender is working. My computer can see that it is part of the network and displays its IP address. However, when I try to access the IP address wirelessly via browser to explore the setting, I just get a 'page not available' message. Windows diagnostics says device not responding. Do you need a hardwired connection to do this? If not, any other reason for this behaviour?

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    Try to check your computer's IP addressing and IP address on TP-Link. I think that you have other classes addresses on devices.

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    No, that is not the problem. All IP addresses are good.

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    Quote Originally Posted by jimasek View Post
    Try to check your computer's IP addressing and IP address on TP-Link. I think that you have other classes addresses on devices.
    I know that addresses are good, because network is working, but my question was abut classes IP addresses on devices. Please give us example, what is your IP address on computer and on TP-Link.

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    I think something might be getting lost in translation here. There are no duplicated IP addresses. Is that what you mean?

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    hi confounder

    I currently have 3 TP-Link devices
    *TL-WR740N (
    *TL-WA701ND ( <- configured as repeater
    *TL-WA730RE ( <- configured as repeater

    My PC is connected to the TL-WA730RE via a wifi connection and so far
    I can access both the 701ND and 730RE's GUI via a firefox browser.

    Both the 701ND and 730RE will also work as a repeater if their LAN IP is 192.168.x.x (any number) but if you
    will try to access it via a browser, the GUI will not load. You need configure it on the same network with your
    wireless router.

    Hope this helps. Good luck.

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    so you are saying that i cant access mine because my router ip is and my extenders ip is, if so how would i go around changing the ip of the extender to match the .2. of my router when i cant access the settings and i cant change the routers ip because it virgin media wont let me do it?

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    logging on to TL WA830RE

    This thread has confused me. My user guide tells me to put http://tplinkextender.net into a browser and that should open the log in page. I could not get that to work when I used my default Chrome browser (I just got a load of doubtful advertising) but it worked fine when I reverted to Internet Explorer.



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