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Thread: Error Codes

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    Banned jimasek is on a distinguished road
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    Do you know what is means ipconfig /all entered into cmd?

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    Members joyce is on a distinguished road
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    Oct 2012
    The ADSL is off??
    If the internet works fine with another modem, i think this W8961ND may be dead if the ADSL light is always off.
    If it is on, you can try to login to and go to Quick Setup. VPI/VCI: 0/38, Connection type: PPPoA VC-MUX

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    Members peter is on a distinguished road
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    Oct 2012
    if you want to configure the modem and go to internet, the precondition is ADSL light is on . please reset the modem but do nothing, just connect the telephone line to the modem ,
    wait a minute, if the ADSL light is on, please login on the modem to configure it .
    if the ADSL light always off, please contact with your ISP to confirm telephone line is fine, or you can contact with the retailer to get a replacement.

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    Question Error Code 9002

    What does the error code 9002 mean?

    My provider changed last night and when I wanted to put the new TP-Link Archer VR900v into action, after entering my details of the new provider (ID, password etc.) it showed error code 9002, internal error.

    Does this maybe mean that the new provider has not yet “opened” the line = no internet connection = no connection to the new provider?

    Why is there no fuxxing list of Error Codes on the homepage of TP-Link? I was searching quite a while but found nothing! That’s very dissapointing.

    Thanks for quick help as I want to get online quickly and check on the performance of my new Archer.
    First impression after I had it run with my old provider 2 months ago for a day, the WLAN performance was WORSE than the "FritzBox 7490"... hopen that will be opposite now with the new provider who is fully supporting TP-Link devices.

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    Error code"045" is

    means bad encapsulation mode.

    Did you get this error massage from the Easy setup assistant by running the disc?

    Check it again !


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