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    Unable to login at

    Region : Canada

    Model : TL-WR700N

    Hardware Version : V1

    Firmware Version :

    ISP : ShawCable

    I have just bought the device. I works fine as a AP out of the box. I want to use it as a repeater of my wireless network which uses a Linksys Simultaneous Dual Band N Router WRT400N

    1. To do the setup, I have tried to login at I cannot do this (a) using a wireless connection to a Linksys router which is connected to the cable modem and (b) wired connection to the router which is connected to the cable modem. The attempts get a timeout messaage.

    2. The default gateway is The DHCP server has the same address. My computer is using

    3. I use McAfee Internet Security software.

    What can I do to solve the problem?

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    I found the answer

    1. Go to


    2. Go to the section on Repeater, follow the link and you arrive at


    The instructions are very clear. Although I have not reviewed, I suspect the instructions are of similar quality for setting the other modes.

    I wish these instructions were included with the package or in the downloadable user guide. The user guide was useless.

    The problem I had to address was to set the IP address for my computer to so that I can access the management utility at in order to programme the device as a repeater. I was having a problem because the IP address was automatically assigned by my wireless router (Linksys) which has an address of

    In summary, the instructions explained how to temporarily set up the IP address for my computer so that I can connect to the TP-Link device (WRT700N). I was then able to log into the managmenet utility page and make the settings.

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    Cool This worked for me too!

    Hey stanflyer,

    Thanks so much for posting this!

    Totally worked for me and made my device usable.

    Couldn't believe how I couldn't login for Repeater mode. Agree that they should of had more documentation out of the box.

    Thanks again

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    Problems with routers WR700N

    The computer can not connect always comes Getting IP address, which should be done in these cases. please i need to solve this.

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    Tp-link tl-wr700n

    I am unable to login to 192. 168. 0. 254, I am using windows 7 , I tried using the link that stanflyer posted but it goes to a dead page

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    Banned jimasek is on a distinguished road
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    Do you have default settings on the router?

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    My default settings are which is printed on the label on unit, I pressed reset but to set back to default, I am using windows 7 with internet explorer, I set up my computer to default to, but am unable to open that page.
    Thank you for response,

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    i have new TL-WA850RE Extender,.i think i configure already because all lights are stable,but still cant connect..i followed every step on manual.but unfortunately nothings happen..even on wireless connection its not appearing..pls some one help me about this matter...i really want to know the difference between have and haven't using wifi extender...thank you very much.

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    Quote Originally Posted by ED09134 View Post
    I am unable to login to 192. 168. 0. 254, I am using windows 7 , I tried using the link that stanflyer posted but it goes to a dead page
    I'm encountering the same problem as you. Have you found the solution for this problem?

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    missed "http"? Try
    Distance makes the hearts grow fonder.

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    The web-based management page of TP-Link devices is a built-in internal web server, it does not require internet access, but requires a physical connection between the TP-Link router and the device you are trying to log into its management page with.

    For wired devices such as wired routers and switches, please plug your computer to the LAN port by cable and make sure the corresponding LAN LED Indicator lit up.
    Some TP-Link Devices (TL-WR700N Walmart Version), (TL-WA854RE) do not have LAN port, then please connect to its wireless network (TP-LINK_XXXXXX) first to access its web interface.

    Your computer/device must have an IP from the TP-Link device to be able to access its web management page. Most of TP-Link devices have DHCP function enabled by default, which means it will assign IP Address to your computer/device automatically. Managed Switches and some Access Points do not have a DHCP Server function enabled, in this case, you will need set up a manual IP Address ( for your computer/device to access the management page.

    Input the Gateway/router IP Address into the Address bar (also called Location bar or URL bar) instead of the Search Bar.
    Sometimes the firewall or antivirus software on your computer will block access to the router, close the firewall or antivirus software can fix the issue. Although in some cases another device will be needed or removal of the Antivirus software may be needed. After installation check out internet speed test

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    I found my answer. Thks

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    How to log into TP-Link


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