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    router did not open tplinklogin.net or any ip and port 4 light blinking without cable

    Region : Argentina

    Model : TL-WR740N

    Hardware Version : V1

    Firmware Version :

    ISP :

    Region : India

    Model : TL-WR740N

    Hardware Version : V4

    Firmware Version : TL-WR740N_V4_111130

    ISP : ptcl

    hello guys i m from pakistan
    my tp link router not working due to firmware or any other problem i dont know

    when i powered my device 4 number port light is blinking without inserting cable and admin penal not opening

    i also try or tplinklogin.net

    and i reset many times but did not getting fix the problem
    here is some photos plz help me


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    It sounds like a hardware problem. How about other LAN port expect port 4? When you try to reset it, have you seen all the lights go off expect the power light? I heard that TL-WR740N V4 sometimes have dispalys errors of LED. The lastest firmware can solve that problem. However, this requires to log into the management page.

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    the second light is blinking?
    how about the IP address on your computer? Maybe you can try and reset the router

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    dear after reset device not prepare for firmware because admin panel didn't open i try all ip's like

    and tplinklogin.net also

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    i reset many time's but always same status how can i remove old firmware or upgrade latest

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    and i also try tp link software for setting up my router but software said nothing find any ip

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    Can you have Internet with it? If no, then it could be hardware problem of this unit. A new router is needed

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    is there no any solution for repairing or update firmware

    some people says go to market for repairing device

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    Quote Originally Posted by noorahmadmughal View Post
    is there no any solution for repairing or update firmware

    some people says go to market for repairing device
    I'm afraid not. Go to contact the shop where you purchased to confirm replacment or repair under warranty period.

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