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Thread: POE question

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    POE question

    Region : Australia

    Model : TL-SF1008P

    Hardware Version : Not Clear

    Firmware Version :

    ISP :

    I was looking for details about TL-WR743ND, nor the manual neither the specification page and not even in the FAQs tells anything about POE regulaltions.

    This is are my questions:

    This device uses a 9v dc adaptor that plugs to the injector, *IT IS POSIBLE TO USE A POE SWITCH INSTEAD?*

    24v pasive poe or 48v ? *

    Why it doesnt says if its *802.3af? or something


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    First I would like to tell you*the TL-WR743ND supports for Passive PoE when it is in WISP mode.
    You can not change the Passive PoE to a PoE switch with different Voltage*because the voltage should be the same as the power adapter. And as the router uses Passive PoE instead of the stardard PoE, it*doesn't support 802.3af.

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    thank you all for your answers.
    I understand a little more now.


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