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    TL-WA511OG crashes when seting up

    Region : Argentina

    Model : TL-WA5110G

    Hardware Version : Not Clear

    Firmware Version : ???????????

    ISP : chice cable

    when i configure my TL-WA511OG in my compaq laptop using wind 8, i get the default adress and i get the tplink conf menu, set as client, when i try to survey my windows internet explorer crashes. does anybody have this problem using wind 8? i have being unable to make this thing work thanks

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    Hi, Quilla,
    How about use other web browsers expect Internet explorer like Google Chrome which i am using?Sometimes, the Internet explorer will block the pop-up windows. Or use other computers which is not Win8 .
    Have not update my computer to Win8 and not quite sure about function of Internet Explorer on Win8.


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