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    POE is not working

    Region : Canada

    Model : TL-SF1008P

    Hardware Version : Not Clear

    Firmware Version :

    ISP :

    I have a TL-SF1008P 8 port/4port POE switch. i also purchased TL-WA5210G 2.4GHz High Power Wireless Outdoor CPE. The TL-WA5210G will not power off the POE, why? it will power off the POE injectors sent with the outdoor wireless CPE, but not when plugged into the POE ports on the switch. the Wattage is within the switches range so i do not understand why it will not power up??

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    it seems that these 2 devices use different POE standard which can NOT commincate with each other. The TL-SF1008P uses Standard POE while the TL-WA5210 uses Passive POE, just check tplink website http://www.tplink.com/en/products/de...L-SF1008P#spec

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    my computer cannot see my TL-SF1008P 8 port/4port POE switch. I've tried everything I dont know what to do next. I'm only trying to hool up 4 IQEye PoE Cameras


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