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    EAP110 Outdoor PoE - split 2 pair PoE to 4 pair

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    I purchased the EAP110 Outdoor to be able to access my odroid xu4 arm computer over a longer wifi range. I intended to connect the odroid xu4 ethernet port to the injector and the PoE cable from the injector to the EAP110 outdoor. I have a limitation of 2 pair PoE wire from the injector to the EAP110 outdoor, as it passes through a 5 wire slipring. See the attached sketch.

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    I need to use a 2 pair PoE from the injector, and request advice on how to split the power and data from a 2 pair PoE to a 4 pair for the EAP110 outdoor POE input.


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    So normally you only use two of the twisted pair in an ethernet cable but you want to use 4 pair?

    I'm not seeing what's going on. Plugging the computer in the lan port will get it to the 110, you want to plug it into both ports on the 110?

    You're using the 110 as a client? Sorry not understanding.

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    Thanks Tacman. The Odroid to the injector was not a problem, and I can use cat5e cable. The problem was the PoE from the injector to the EAP110. The EAP110 requires a 4 pair input, but I had a limitation that I could only use a maxiumum 5 wires via the slipring. I was advised to use this connection through the 5 wire slipring. It works, and the problem was solved. Name:  5 wire PoE connection.jpeg
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    At least make sure you use proper cable (24 AWG or better), not cheap patch cable if powering any passive PoE device over only two wires. Four wires are used to keep the power loss small.


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