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    with security WPA-PSK the system OUTDOOR Antenna WiFi doesn't work

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    hello, I'm new in this forum and it is my first time to set the wifi-outdoor CPE antenna, please I really need your help!
    I 'm using 2 antennas, one set as Access Point and the second one set as "Client". The Client-Antenna is connected to a Access point to repeat the Wi-Fi Signal in second place. Everything works fine if I don't use the security setting, but after selecting the security function WPA-PSK/ WPA-PSK2 (adding a Password) the system doesn't work. After swiching off the security method, the sistem become to works.
    I followed the manual (TP-LINK Installation Guide) and I dont understand what is the problem. Please any idea?
    Maybe you can find 2 file uploaded to check the setting.
    Thank you in advance.

    setting from the manual.pdfSetting MAIN_AP-Client.pdf

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    Encryption works on my CPEs, but you need to wait somewhat until CPEs re-sync after WiFi settings have been changed.
    Best is to set up the devices and save the config before finally mounting them in place so you can double-check that settings are the same on both CPEs.


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