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    Connecting to Frontier

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    So I have a DSL modem from Frontier. (Arris NVG448BQ)

    4 lan ports

    Port 3 ------ CPE210 AP ))) ((( wireless extender/ wireless users Working fine.
    Port 2 ------ CPE510 AP ))) ((( CPE510 Client ------------- Computer for testing.

    The modem came with default lan IP
    So I'm setting up static IP's for the CPE's 192.168.254.xxx
    Using as gateway.
    The 210 is working fine.

    With a wired connection to the 510 client I can log into all the CPE's and to the Frontier modem as well.
    It all seems to be setup ok but I can't get to the internet. I can plug my laptop into the Frontier modem and log into it also but not able to get to internet.

    I have a password to the wired connection of the Frontier modem and have used it to get to all the pages but it isn't asking me for password now.

    Not sure what I should try, does the modem need to be reset or everything reset? Or something I need to set on the modem?

    Any help appreciated.

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    There's a long list of devices on the modem main page but most are offline, there's a button to clear list and another for scan for devices.

    It is DHCP enabled.

    Maybe I have too many with all the offline ones?

    Should I be setting the static ip's in v4 or v6 or does it matter? Will the computer automatically change the other one?

    So many questions...
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    The Arris is a router (they call it "gateway") with an additional modem. So if the DHCP pool gets exhausted by too many clients, use a bigger subnet. But DHCP leases not used for a while get recycled for other clients requiring them, so probably there is another problem with the Arris.

    Yes, the CPEs should have static (fixed) IPs. Just assign them ... 253 and make sure that the Arris' DHCP pool is not overlapping the static IPs.

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    I reset the router/gateway and used an old linksys 54g router to plug the client into and it was up and running.

    Since it was working I switched to my wired router that I use for my main router to replace the linksys but it wouldn't work(same deal connectivity but no internet) so I went back to the linksys.

    So that's what I'm running on. I'm getting 18mb exactly at the far end of the network which is the rated speed I'm supposed to be getting.

    The 510's are working great.

    I'm going to quit while I'm ahead, don't want to anger the gremlins anymore.

    Thanks for your help!

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    You're, welcome. Glad it works. The WRT54GL are still a good alternative to combo devices, they are even being produced (and firmware supported) again since Belkin took over the Linksys brand.


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