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    CPE 210 Configuration

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    Have existing wireless (2.4) router with local LAN. Wish to extend WiFi to another building approx 400 yds beyond (clear line of site).

    Setting up as an AP outdoors and Ethernet connected I expect will not provide sufficient signal to the remote location? Would proper setup be with an additional CPE210 at the remote site configured as PTP? Is another wireless router required at the remote site to access wireless network?

    Prior to purchasing additional equipment, could you kindly comment or provide an alternative solution with product required.

    Thank you for your assistance.

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    I'm doing the same thing, I have DSL coming in to the wrong building but it's where the phone wire is.

    So I just purchased 2 CPE 510 units for the task.

    If you don't have users between and don't need 2.4g then you can use 5k and should have less noise etc.

    Like a wireless cable. Just for the other building.

    I put a wired router at the receiving end with some other AP's on it.

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    Anything special in configuring the wireless router?

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    Quote Originally Posted by kimmo View Post
    Anything special in configuring the wireless router?
    No. But the CPEs should be tuned in PtP topology: 802.11n fixed, 20 MHz (CPE210) or 40 MHz (CPE510), short GI, WMM enabled, distance: auto, antennas precisely aligned to each other. Also make sure to ground the devices properly. As tacman7 mentioned, 5 GHz is preferable if you are located in a dense-populated area.

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