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Thread: Td-w9977 v1

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    Td-w9977 v1

    Model :

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    I am using this Device TD-W9977 (EU), with serial number 217B786000062 and P/N 1711502117
    Hardware version-v1
    Firmware version- 0.1.0 0.9.1 v006f.0 Build 161123 Rel.53386n.
    I am using it as a wirless router for a FTTH connection. Connection type is PPPoE. My problem is that the internet connection goes off after every 15 minutes and I have to connect it manually every time.
    The default max idle time is 15 minutes-this I have changed to '0' and the connection mode is 'always on'/connection on demand-but still it doesn't work. I have dropped a mail to support.in@tp-link.com awaiting their support.
    I have even had the optical converter replaced, I have tried replacing the firmware/rebooting/ hard reset, but nothing seems to work. The only thing I can do is to manually connect it after every 15 minutes. Please help.
    Thanks and regards.

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    Do you mean wired or wireless connection?
    It's already the latest firmware. If it's wireless connection, try to set a fixed wireless channel.
    If it's both wired and wireless connection, it's recommended to reset the router.
    Certainly, you can also refer to those completed tips from tp support in India.

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    Thanks for the mail. It is both for wired and wireless connection. I have tried resetting the router and have done it few times already. It doesn't work. And I waiting am for a definite reply from support.in@tp-link.com. Any more possibility? Like a beta firmware or firmware upgrade if it can be made available.


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