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    Bandwidth problem

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    I have a 250/100 Mbps internet fibre connection.

    When I do a speed test on the app I get 350/105 Mbps (thank you internet provider for giving me more than I pay for).

    When I do a speed test on my stationary computer directly plugged to internet (no router involved) I get the same, 350/105.

    The strange thing is both on my computer (network cable to deco router) and on my wireless devices (laptops, phones, ipads) I get 90 Mbps/80Mbps.

    So I obviously have (more than) 250/100, and the deco router obviously "gets" this since it says so when I run a speed test. But I don't get this in real life. Not via wire (Deco router to PC) and not wireless.

    I cant find any settings related to this.

    My phone/ipad has been approximately 2 feet from the Deco router and I've tried 3 different TP cables between Deco router and PC, same result (and they all gave 350Mbps when the Deco router was removed)

    What should I do to address this problem?


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    here I get an explanation for you on tplink website.
    The real speed we can get on the client is lower than the speed on the APP.
    however, your real speed is too slow. is there any other client which is connected to Deco when you test the real speed?
    How about the negotiation speed on the client when it's connecting to Deco?
    If the issue still the same after you remove other external factors, it's better to send email to tplink support.

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    I have also noticed this, while my deco app runs about 112 mbps when tested. My pc connected to the DECO with CAT5(ethernet) runs around 60.2mbps. So around half speed on a wired connection vs going directly from cable modem.


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