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    Connection problems NC260

    Model : NC260 (UN) Ver:1.0

    Hardware Version : unknown

    Firmware Version : unknown

    ISP : [/COLOR]


    Just recently brought a camera NC260, and have issues connecting it to my phone.

    Have tried both through the wire/ and through wifi.

    When using the wire, the LED goes green, but I am unable to find the camera through the app on my iphone.

    When trying the wireless option, the camera LED just flashes red.

    Iphone info:
    Modell: iPhone SE
    Version: iOS 11.3

    What am I doing wrong?
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    We need to connect camera to the router with a wire when we firstly configure it.
    Make sure connect the phone and the camera to the same router or network.
    Try to restart the camera.

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    Still not working. Have connected the camera to the router, with wire and the LED light is green. The phone is connected to the same network through wifi.
    Have Restarted the camera, but no luck yet.

    Is it possible I need to configure something on my phone or on the router?
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