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I own several Easy Smart Switches, one TL-SG1016DE & two TL-SG108E. these are all Easy Smart switches. I have configure all 3 untis using the config utility and a set assigned a different static IP to each. In addition I have ensured that my router is not serving up DHCP address in the range that I am using for static IP assigned to the switches. My network appears to be working fine, so I believe that I have thing set correctly.

My question is as follows... I noticed that there is a field called "Default Gateway" in these switches which came pre-set to And I did not change it, because I wasn't sure if it really needed to be changed to my router IP gateway. Basically I wasn't sure why the Easy Switches would need to route packets out to the internet via the "default gateway" These switches don't appear to have any features that would require the router gateway.

So should I leave them set to or should I change the default gateway setting to my router's IP gateway. And if so why is there a preferential assignment.