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    Drop-down AP mode selection is disabled on my EAP120 and EAP225

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    I have both an EAP225 and an EAP120. I'm trying to use the 120 (or either of them, really) as a client device, rather than as an AP - I need ethernet over its LAN port, as I do with several TP-Link Outdoor CPE AP's. I understand that there are two modes on the EAP120/225 that are likely to work for this - a "client" mode or a "Bridge with AP" mode.

    I've been looking for ways to change this mode, and the most obvious one has been on the device's own web admin interface (rather than through EAP controller). I can get logged in normally and change all the settings normally, and have updated the firmware (to the Nov '17 release). However, I can't drop-down the drop-down menu that appears at the top-right of the interface - it says "Access Point" but clicking on the down arrow or text does nothing on both AP's, before and after the firmware update.

    I checked in the page source and there is indeed a list of modes in there somewhere. I've gone through absolutely every setting on the interface multiple times, but I haven't found anything else that could be the right menu for this, other than the apparently disables drop-down that's shown at all times at the top-right of the page. I also tried changing a few settings that I thought might be mutually-exclusive with all other modes (e.g. turned off the wireless radio), but no change.

    I also use the EAP Controller software on my other AP's that aren't made to be clients, so I adopted the new AP that's meant to become a client, and went through all the menus there as well. In that case, I didn't see anything that would change the "mode".

    Finally, I connected to the console via SSH, and there was nothing apparent in the help menu related to "modes".

    This mode selection is very easy to find and use on other TP-Link products, such as the Outdoor CPE units, and users on Amazon are reporting that they have successfully gotten the EAP120 into a suitable mode for this application (some say client mode, some say Bridge w/ AP). Has anyone else seen this drop-down menu fail to work, or has anyone used another method to cause an EAP AP to behave like a client?

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    EAPs offer just AP (master) mode, no client (STA) or repeater modes at this time.

    If Amazon customers report that they use it with other modes, they most certainly have installed OpenWRT or other free firmware.

    Now, the question is: why is there a dropdown arrow at all? Only TP-Link can tell. I could imagine that they will add more modes in future firmware versions, for example a mesh mode, but that's just a thought.


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