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    TPLink Deco M5 support is simply incompetent

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    Dont know where to vent my frustration, I have a $400 useless device which has a 50% reduced bandwidth as compared to my old DLInk wifi (sent all testing proof to tplink), even when i am standing right next to it and TPLink support if looking into this issues for last 3 months.
    1. they are so careless that most of the time they send me email with beta software and forget to include the link to the software.
    2. when link is attached the link doesn't have the file
    3. when the file is downloaded the software doesn't work on mac
    4. then after a few weeks new email which is supposed work on mac but the same thing repeats, email has missing link
    5. then another email with link and link doesn't have the file
    6. then another email with working link
    7. that file doesn't install on mac

    where does it stop ?

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    oh, long story~
    How do you test the speed? Deco APP? or PC which is wired to Deco? or smart phone which is connecting wirelessly?
    If the speed of Deco is slow, connect PC to Deco and PC to your modem do the comparison test.
    If the direct speed between PC and Deco is also slow, confirm whether other devices are connecting to Deco or whether nogotiation speed of PC is normal.
    If Deco's speed is ok but wifi client's speed is slow, try to move smart phone close to main Deco and disconnect wifi & reconnect to it. Then, check the speed to see whether it's better.

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    Yep this seems to be the norm. While wired speeds should be close to the speed of the deco app speed test they are not.


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