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I recently purchased 2 TL-R600VPN routers with the intention of linking two networks with a L2TP Lan to Lan VPN. They are both with the same ISP in the UK - Virgin Media. I will describe the basic setup and problems below:

Laptop <—-> TL-R600VPN (1)<—-> Virgin Media Hub (1)<——- Internet ———> Virgin Media Hub (2)<——> TL-R600VPN (2)<——> PC

On the Virgin media hubs, ports 500, 1701 and 4500 are forwarded to each TL-R600VPN at each end. I followed an outdated guide to connect them together I found here:

The user interface and menus in the guide differ greatly from my TL-R600VPNs as they are for the V2 and mine are V4. However I have managed to set them both up as the guide shows.

Neither one would seem to ever connect to the other, so I created a vpn 'client to lan' user on each one to check connectivity and I can establish a VPN tunnel from the laptop to the TL-R600VPN (2) and from the PC to TL-R600VPN (1). This seems to show that the ports are forwarded correctly. The other strange thing is in the System Logs section in each TL-R600VPN, even when Severity is set to all level, I only receive NOTICE logs, and nothing at all to indicate any attempt for either one to even try and connect to the other or any errors. There is a basic log of info when the laptop or pc connect to the other end with the client to lan tunnel. Is there anything I’m missing? Let me know if you’d like any more information or screenshots