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Hello, I've got a TP-Link TD-W8961ND Ver 3.0. My subnet mask is and my router's ip is I'm trying to configure Wake on Lan over Wan but I've encountered some problems. When I try port forwarding to broadcast I get "Invalid ip address" error. What I did next was binding a static ip to the system that I want to wake remotely, and forwarding UDP port 9 to the chosen Ip. It's working on lan now, but not on wan. I've read that I need to set static entries in the ARP table, but the router doesn't allow that in the web config, so I've tried to acces but I get 403 forbidden. I've also tried to get a pseudo shell using telnet and ssh but the ports aren't open, and I don't see an option to open them. Could you help me find a solution? Thanks!