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    Pharos Control software

    Model :

    Hardware Version :

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    ISP : [/COLOR]

    I installed client and server.

    I can't log into client.

    I run server and get something a lot like the manual, a control server monitor, but it doesn't have a open web page button.

    server port 9321

    I try opening a web page

    But it times out.

    The server can discover the network and manage it?

    What's the client for?

    Sorry, slow getting going on this.


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    Are you using the Windows version? If so, the client is needed to start the server and to open a browser window to connect to. If using the Linux version, there is no client at all, you just use a standard web browser.

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    I'm on windows, I get the server monitor but when I run the client it wants server and password etc.
    Instructions say use what I set up when I installed it but I don't remember doing any setup.

    Do I need to reinstall?



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