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    Speed OK but slight delay....?

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    I bought a Deco system a couple of months ago. Have three discs around the house. on Virgin Media and have put the VM router in modem only mode.

    The speed tests all check out fine and streaming HD Netflix on the TV seems fine but I've noticed there is a slight lag/delay when loading webpages. Particularly images and gifs on forums.

    Would this be the Deco's built in virus/malware checker causing this? Have others disabled this?


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    in your case, login to APP, Settings -> Advanced -> IPv4 -> Internet Connection Type -> switch off Obtain DNS Automatically
    try to set DNS under WAN. hope it will work for you.
    PS: make sure it's connecting to Deco's wifi when you change that.

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    Cool. I'll give that a go.What's the reasoning behind this fix?

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    Sure, They are asking you to use Googles DNS servers inside the DECO so you would be bypassing your cable company's DNS servers. Not sure if this makes any sense to you or not.

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    It does indeed make sense. I've tried it and it doesn't make any difference. I am sure the A/V software that comes with the Deco will cause a slight delay as it filters. All A/V do to an extent. It's no biggie really I just wondered if others had noticed this.


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