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    What does "Auto" do in channel selection

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    Can somebody confirm what setting "Auto" actually does in Channel settings for 2.4 & 5Ghz Wifi setup.

    My understanding is that it is supposed to detect and avoid conflicting channel selection.

    So if I have one EAP, it fins neighbour is using channel 6 for 2.4G and 48 for 5G, I assume "Auto" will select for my EAP an alternative channel, e.g. 1 or 11 for 2.4G and maybe 36 for 5G?

    But if I have 2 EAPs and both are set to "Auto", shouldn't it also choose each EAP's channels automatically to avoid them interfering with each other?

    I have 2 EAP245s set to Auto and see no evidence that it's choosing different channels for each.

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    Yes, "Auto" setting selects the best channel automatically at the start of an EAP. On my EAP110, it works (more or less reliable).


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