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    EAP Controller unable detect pending EAP

    Model :

    Hardware Version :

    Firmware Version :

    ISP : [/COLOR]

    Good day people,

    My problem as stated as above. Some context to be given, I am working in IT department for my company and they had installed EAP110-Outdoor AP in their branches. I wish to set up a controller back in my office to manage those EAPs, which is obviously in different network. I had problem doing so while following through the guide provided by TP-Link.

    Installed EAP Firmware Build version: 20170914
    EAP Controller version: EAP Controller_V2.5.4_Windows

    Proven compatible.
    https://www.tp-link.com/en/faq-913.html (Paragraph 3)

    What I have done:

    Branch side:
    • Installed EAP Discovery tool on my laptop and open it in the same network as EAP. The discovery tool able to detect EAP.
    • Configure controller IP. Test ping successful on my side. Entered valid EAP username and password. Status shown pending.
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    Office side:
    • Installed EAP Controller.
    • Configure basic settings - User account, added site etc.
    • Already configured with public address and reachable via network from the outlet.
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    Problem faced so far:
    On controller side, in access point tab, there is no pending EAP to be adopt.

    Need some advice on it thanks!

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    For EAP discovery you need to open TCP ports 29811, 29812, 29813 and UDP port 29810 in the firewall on the Controller side. If you want to use portal functions or if you need remote web UI access to the EAP Controller, TCP ports 8088 and 8043 must be opened, too.


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