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    AC2800 dropping connection consistently

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    Hello, I am having an issue with my router, it appears to drop 4-5 times a day and is a nuisance to get back up and running but a reboot usually fixes it for a bit and will drop the internet connection eventually.

    I have read through multiple posts with similar issues and tried some of the suggested fixes, ranging from SRA, bitswap, QoS adjustments and still seeing the issue.

    I have grabbed logs from recent drops and will attach accordingly.

    My connection is via Mate fttn 100/40 plan.

    I am using the updated firmware as far as I can tell.

    Latest log where I managed 2-3 disconnections close together - http://txt.do/dukgy

    All help would be hugely appreciated.Name:  AC2800-001.png
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    It never hurts to reset the router to factory and set it up again in case a firmware update upset something. Of course it could also be an issue with your line or ISP.


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