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    TL-R480T+ V9 9.0.1 Build 20180117 Rel.30328 port 8080 open on WAN Authentication!


    While checking what shodan was reporting on my IP. It noted that port 8080 was open with a NGINX HTTP server behind it.

    Checked NAT settings no virtual servers setup on 8080, Did note that R480's authentication settings although turned off was set to port 8080 so changed the port number to 8081 and run a nmap scan and the http server moved to port 8081.

    Why is the authentication server running when disabled and why is it visible WAN side?

    If anyone else has the same version of R480T+ as me who is willing to do a port scan to see if it is just me on a common problem would be much appreciated.

    Any help on how this can be turned off would be much appreciated.

    Thanks in advance.Andy P
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