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    Deco M5 in AP mode handing out IP addresses.

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    As stated in the title, I have 3 Deco in AP mode. two with ethernet backhaul. All the wireless devices are being handed out 192 addresses instead of the 10.x.x.x that my DHCP server is dishing out. Anyone run into this before? Any tips on solving this?

    Router: ASUS RT-AC68u (DHCP Server with wireless disabled)
    2 Deco's setup in AP mode with ethernet backhaul to the RT-AC68u
    1 Deco set up wireless as AP.

    All my wired devices get the IP Address form the ASUS, including the two Deco's with ethernet backhaul., but every wireless device is getting a 192 address.

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    Thanks for looking, I double checked and it didn't set up as AP, was still a router, changed it again, it rebooted and all is (semi) hunki dorry. Still some gripes I have with it, but its hard to replace a Asuswrt setup.

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    Bug in firmware, I get something similar sometimes on cold boot, see => http://forum.tp-link.com/showthread....r-outagePlease open a support case to TP-Link. Maybe they will fix it once they accept that more that a few get this problem.Right now they claim that they can not replicate it in their lab and therefor it can not be a real problem, (paraphrasing useless support).


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