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    Unhappy CPE210 seems to be unstable

    Model : CPE210

    Hardware Version :

    Firmware Version : Latest

    ISP : [/COLOR]

    Hey everyone,

    So I'm writing this thread on my dads behalf.

    He bought a CPE210 v2.0 since he wants to setup a few cameras in our backyard - there have been someone on our private ground.

    Anyway I've been trying to setup this damn thing all day and been walking up and down the backyard to see if I can connected to it 100-200 meters down the yard which seems it can't

    Also the distance setting is very confusing - what is the best to set it at when we need max 300 meters coverage.

    I'm not a big techie guy when it comes to WiFi setups but I'll show you the setup to give a better understanding.


    The last picture is the backyard and all the way down the yard there should be a signal so the cameras can connect.

    What have we done wrong.

    Also how precise should the CPE210 be pointed? We tried just pointing it so good as we could.

    I really hope you guys can help us find a solution - otherwise we have to find a more simple product.

    I'm really sorry for any misspellings - English isn't my native language.

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    If you try to directly connect wireless cams to the CPE over 300m: no way. Wireless cams usually do have weak antennas only and they are not suitable to connect to any AP over 300m. To set up a directional link over 300m, use two CPEs. Make sure there is a free line of sight between both CPEs. Then connect the cams to the LAN port of the remote CPE using patch cable. Ensure that the CPEs are grounded properly (see the installation guide).


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