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    system to protect farm yard

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    Hope you will indulge me as knowledge of how these systems work is poor.

    Post break ins at the farm I what to set up a level of protection on the yard and work shop.

    My house is about 100m away from the yard with direct line of sight to where I would like to set up two of the cameras. what I want to do is have a way of getting the images back to a storage unit (think called a NAZ) and alerts to phone.

    Problem is that there is not a phone line down for internet access.

    what has been suggested is that on the out side wall facing the yard I put up a external extender that is connected to the router or NAZ with an Ethernet cable. In the farm yard, on the roof of the barn I have a second extender that has a power supply which allows the 2/3 cameras to be wired in to it, that then sends the signal back to the extender on the house that is connected into the recording device.

    Any help would be useful.

    there is also a dedicated 3phase underground cable running from the yard to the house that runs the heat pump could this be used to send signal to the house. Only problem is the electric unit in the yard is an old wire fused system so don't know if this would allow signal to pass down it. plus would still need a external wifi system as the electric cupboard is not in the same barn as cameras need to be.

    Any help please.


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    If you want to use a wireless solution, you could use two CPE510, but you need to learn how to set up such directional radio links (see YT videos from TP-Link on how to set up two CPEs). Basic setup is: CCTVs connected to one CPE510 by cable, this AP set to client mode connecting to a CPE510 at the house in standard AP mode, cable connection to the NAS/surveillance system. No big deal over 100m.

    I'm not sure wether PowerLAN works on 3-phase electric installations, but if you then would need WiFi anyway, it's best to use one transport mechanism at all.

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    Thanks R1d2.

    I will nave a look at the units you have suggested and watch the videos.

    Sorry not sure what you mean by AP mode.

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    Quote Originally Posted by ntfarmer View Post
    Sorry not sure what you mean by AP mode.
    In short: the AP is sending out the name of the WiFi network (SSID), while a client searches for a name to connect with the network. For example, at a public WiFi hotspot your smartphone's WiFi adapter works in client mode (looking for networks) and the hotspot's WiFi adapter works in AP mode (providing a network).

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    Thanks for the explanation.

    will start looking at the cameras and the NAS now.



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