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    Can't Edit IPV4 Settings - App says I am not on WiFi

    Model : deco m5

    Hardware Version :

    Firmware Version :

    ISP : [/COLOR]

    When I am on my phone I can never edit the settings. I get a message at the bottom of the screen that I must be logged into the wifi network and an owner. I have disabled the mobile data connection and still get the same error. On my wifi only iPad, I get the same error but when I reboot, I have a brief window to make changes. Any idea why this happens?

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    if you open app firstly when it's connecting to other wifi, we have to reopen app after we connect to Deco wifi.
    It requires the client connects to Deco wifi can do any settings.

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    I don't have access to any other wifi networks in the area. It's only connected to the Deco wifi network

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    Having the same issue here, I'm trying to update my DNS servers and cannot.

    I contacted support and they did not solve my problem but instead sent me a list of questions back that might pertain :-(

    Dear Customer,
    Thank you very much for your chat requesting information about our product.
    In order to locate and solve this problem, please kindly provide more details, which would be much appreciated.
    1. Could you please tell the current firmware version of the Deco APP?
    2. Could you please tell the current firmware version of the Deco devices?
    3. Could you please tell the model and version of your cell phone?
    4. If you use other cellphones to open deco app to configure it, will you have the issue?

    I have to say that only being able to access this router via a cell phone SUCKS. I have tried multiple cell phones as referenced by #3 above.

    Will update when the issue is resolved.


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