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    PoE pass-thru support

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    Hello all,

    Just trying to determine if SG-1008D desktop switch can handle Power over Ethernet connections, i.e. if it can receive PoE on one port and distribute it to others (while using an external PoE injector).

    thanks in advance,

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    SG1008D desn't support to receive power from a POE source.
    And I didn't hear about the feature of POE pass-through.
    If you want to use an external PoE injector, it doesn't need switch to support any feature, switch can only provide the data connection and POE injector combine the data and electricity. Switch doesn't need to support POE.
    So if you just only want the terminal equipment receive power from POE, just connect as ----Switch----injector----terminal equipment.

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    TP-Link's new T1500G-8T can be optionally powered through PoE, but I does not have a pass-through mode.

    Switches and routers which can be powered by PoE and support pass-through do so on only one or max. two designated ports. There is no way to feed 8 PoE output ports from a single input port which is also supplying power for the switch. Therefore such switches/routers usually have 5 ports only (e.g. Netgear's GS105PE or UBNT's ER-X).


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