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    SG108E does not play well with routers

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    Hello, our home has three buildings and I'm using 802.1q on SG108E's to connect over fiber between buildings. This has worked very well for about six months. The reason for the smart switches is that we run two subnets/VLAN's, one for my wife's business devices and the other for Internet devices, Smart TV, Nest, Roku, etc.

    The main SG108E connects to a Sagemcom Fast 5260 router from Spectrum cable. About two weeks ago the Sagemcom failed. Spectrum came out and swapped the router. I subsequently discovered that the bad router also took out the switch. So I swapped out the switch with a known good one from another building.

    The issue is that when I connect the SG108E to the Sagecom, the link light flashes at a very high rate and it seems to "flood" the router which subsequently locks up. As soon as I unhook the cable, the router goes back to normal operation. I've tried other patch cables and also tried slowing down the port on the SG108E to even 10Mbps with no effect..

    So I tried swapping out the Sagemcom with an Archer C900 router, the same thing seems to happen. Interestingly, I use a Linksys router for the second subnet/VLAN and it is working fine with the SG108E.

    Thoughts? Thanks in advance!

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    If the link light flashes at a very high rate all the time, it means that there is broadcast storm and it should be caused by the loop. I think you should check whether your network has the loop.

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    re: SG108E and routers

    Thanks for the reply, you are probably correct. After I posted I noticed that if I unplug the fiber media converter then the issue stops.


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