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    Exclamation MR3420 router hanged and other problems.

    Model : MR3420(EU) V3

    Hardware Version :

    Firmware Version : TL-MR3420(EU)_V3_160412

    ISP : [Qubee]

    Dear All,
    I am facing some problems or issue with the MR3420 router.

    1. It's taking too much time to identified the modem (Huawei BM832) and after power off or restart the router, it's taking long time again to identified the modem even saving the information in router setting page.
    2. normally it's OK for all devices but the router got hanged when I use the internet in my samsung smart TV.

    Have you any idea for those issue to solve. please help

    (Noted: Router MR3420 V3, upgraded the firmware version)
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    Do you mean it won't get hanged if you do not use samsung smart TV?
    How you connect TV to the router? wired or wirelessly?
    If it's wireless connection, try to change the wireless channel to a fixed one.

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    Thanks kevin,
    I tried by the changing channel 1 and 20 Mhz bandwidth and also uncheck all from wirless advanced option. Now all devices work fine and no hanging router.


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