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    Unhappy anyone having a tplink switch interfere with IPSec Cisco VPN?

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    Folks, I have a really nice


    with lots of stuff connected to it. I don't use any fancy features like VLANs or authentication, just
    security settings like watching DHCP and Address Resolution stuff.

    For work I have to use a IPsec VLAN. When it is trying to complete its connection, it times out and tells me I 'must be behind a firewall' that is blocking IPsec or UDP.
    but in reality the SWITCH is blocking it and I can't figure out why. replacing the t1600g with another vendors' smart switch allows my vpn client to work. something about
    T1600g is getting in the way.

    anyone seen something like this? suggestions at features that might cause it?
    I already have the latest (but old) firmware...

    thanks in advance!

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    Talking resolved

    resolved. solution: in Network Security -> Dos Defend -> Dos Defend, turn off both "Ping Flooding" and 'Blat Attack'


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