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    How to remove 1 vlan on switch TL-SG108E?

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    Help me please.

    I have a switch tl-sg108e and the latest firmware "20171214" is installed on it.
    The firmware version and version of the device are the same (V3).
    Also, in the instructions to this switch it is written: "The port can be removed from VLAN 1 only when the port is also a member of the
    other VLANs. "

    But I can not delete 1 vlan. The delete button 1 vlan is not active.

    What could be the problem?

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    I understood what the problem is. And although I understand, I'll still write how I did it, and suddenly someone will face this problem.
    I installed the switch through the Easy Smart program, and this was my problem, because the "Not Member" section is missing, but it is there if you configure the switch through the web interface.
    As soon as I added all the ports to another vlan, I was able to remove the necessary ports from 1 vlan.
    Do not judge strictly, it was my first experience in setting up smart switches.

    Thank you for attention.

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    Hello, I also found the setup screens for the VLAN a bit quirky. As you said, cannot remove ports from VLAN 1 until a another VLAN is set up. I've been running a 802.1q network with the SG108E switches for about six months and very happy with the results.


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    The East Smart Configuration utility has not been updated to allow removing VLAN 1 from ports. I suspect the reason is that the ability to remove VLAN 1 has not yet been implemented in the firmware for other switches in the family. I know this is true for the TL-SG1024DE.


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