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    IPv6 traffic T2600G-28TS

    Model : T2600G-28TS

    Hardware Version : 2.0

    Firmware Version : 2.0.0 Build 20170527 Rel.31275(s)

    ISP : [/COLOR]

    Ever since I've put my internet traffic in pvid 50 and vlan 50 the IPv6 traffic is not passing through anymore, is there something I'm supposed to do?

    Multicast is on forwarding

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    And port config is on

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    After you configure LAG, all Layer 2 feature will generate an entry of LAG, include VLAN, STP, IGMP Snooping and so on.
    I think you can check the configuration of VLAN.
    You also need to click the LAGS on the top of the list.

    The entries in the LAGS list have the high priority.

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    No the vlan is active on the lag interfaces.

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    Not quite sure what you're refering to when you're talking about the high priority

    Also STP is not configured it's just default

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