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    HS110EU Kasa display bug ?

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    Hello Forums!,

    I have this verid display bug on Kasa app it shows 30k of kW/h that is just insane
    I mean for the last 2 months it showed correct value of average 4kW/h not this crazy ammount, so I'm sure its just a bug on kasa app or something wrong with the device.

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    Firmware on device: couldn;t find info in about or help section.

    Kasa version : 1.11.0

    I haven't try full wipe of data yet - I'm away from device so I will take time to do it.

    anyone had this kind of issue?

    Thanks for any help and time on this post.

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    have you tried the new kasa app? tp-link release new APP version 2.0.0.

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    No I haven't, Do you lose device information and connectivity upon upgrading? I would rather not to

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    it will keep the device information, don't worry about that.

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    Sadly the update didn't help the matter

    I will try reseting the plug all the settings and so on.


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