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    configuration tips for settings up Deco's in a large office...

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    Hi guy's,
    We need a Wifi solution in our office ane we bought the 3 Deco kit.
    The existing configuration now is that we have a IT company that manage the DHCP server so we don't have any control on that server.
    We have an Alcatel - Lucent (OS6450-10M) modem that only one port is working so we plug switches from that port and lan cables to the all company.

    I thought to add a simple switch and split the port from the Alcatel, one to the lan switches and one for the first Deco (Deco A).
    Then to take the second Deco (Deco B) and place it on the other side of the company and connect it with a lan cable directly to deco A.
    And Deco C to connect it directly to Deco B. in Short: to connect each Deco directly to each other and place them in different places in the company to get a full WIFI coverage for the all company.

    Do you think it will work that way? Do we need to do something with the DHCP server? any recommendation for a simple switch to split the port on the Alcatel? do simple switch like TL-sg1005d ( https://www.tp-link.com/au/products/...L-SG1005D.html ) do the trick?

    Thanks for your patience in advance,

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    where is that DHCP server? on the modem or on the existing switch?
    if your computer can get internet automatically from the modem without static ip or mac binding. you should be able to use deco to setup Wi-Fi network.


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