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    Smart plug does not update energy usage figures

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    So on the apple platform my smart plug will not auto update energy usage without coming out of the screen and going back in - my android phone app works properly and auto updates the energy usage - already emailed support several times, and today the new update on the ios app STILL has not corrected this - anyone else have this problem? My iphone software and hs110 firmware etc are all up to date

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    can you try another iphone? also have you told tp-link support the issue is not solved yet?

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    Yes I have notified them, clearly they are not listening! App does the same on my wifes iphone Se so as it works on android, one assumes the hs110 is working fine and it is the app at fault

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    it looks like iso app doesn't support real time update of energy usage figures. you can send a feedback as suggestion to them again to urge them to add this feature.


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