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    TL-WA901ND v4 delivers only 50 Mbit

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    I configured my TLWA901ND as an access point for my 200MBbit internet. It is connect via a cat5 lan cable (PoE) to the Internet Wifi Modem on ground level. If I do a speed test near the internet wifi modem I reach the 200 Mbit, but if I switch to the TL-WA901ND on the first floor, I only reach 50 Mbit... I am standing next to the AP...

    What do I do wrong?


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    what speed you can get if your connect a computer directly to ethernet port on your modem?
    usually long cable will slow the speed. so try a good quality cable also.

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    When I connect the PC on the cable that feeds the Access point I get 195 Mbps

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    try the channel width 40Mhz and different channels


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